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Learning Management System

Moodle LMS is one of the best learning management systems . It gives teachers and the training employees with good tool to build personalized learning platforms. It is an open-source, secure as well as safe and feature-rich software platform that runs on any of the computer server and common devices to create a web-based online course learning space containing the Classes. These courses and the lesson spaces are where the teachers, employees and educators or trainers create and organize a wide range of resources and activities into a rich learning experience; where all enrolled students and learners interact and work with each other to achieve the main learning objectives of the all required course.

At the software Moodle, we believe that the best learning management systems should support good teaching practice, be feature rich, open source, accessible for everyone, secure and integrate seamlessly with other platforms.

Open source – Moodle learning management system is will be always open source, which means that its source code is licensed in a way that allows anyone to download the entire software for free and modified how it works by writing newest code to it.

Accessible – Moodle LMS is compliant. In this site built-in content accessibility checkers also help you create courses suitable for all learners.

Secure – Moodle development practices include security by design, and as an open source LMS, Moodle LMS allows you to have full control over your data to meet your local legislative requirements, including GDPR compliance. It also give to organizations or institutions to own their infrastructure.

Flexible and feature-rich – Moodle goes beyond the basic content functionality of most learning platforms and is rich in activities that support good teaching practice and engage students actively with content. learning and each other in a range of modalities.